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Questionnaire Information

When a questionnaire is created, a number of details can be filled in and configuration options selected.

Basic information

The basic information of a questionnaire includes:

Default language of the questionnaire;

Title of the questionnaire; and

Introductory remarks, which are displayed to all users when they

access the questionnaire. These three fields are mandatory for any questionnaire. This basic information also includes the option to select multiple languages for the questionnaire and to provide a title and any introductory remarks in those languages; these details are not mandatory for any language other than the default language. When no information is added in a given language, the questionnaire’s default language will display.

Questionnaire submission page with questionnaire information displaying on the right- hand side and navigation menu on the left-hand side

Extra information

The extra information of the questionnaire includes more advanced configuration options. These are:

Questionnaire date. A combination of month and year.

Administrator remarks. Used to provide details to other administrators who may be collaborating in building and managing the questionnaire.

Header. A banner to be displayed at the top of the questionnaire

submission page. The header should be a JPEG or PNG file with no more than 940px wide by 90px tall, and a file size of less than 5MB.

Section maximum tab display level. In the questionnaire submission page navigation is made via a group of tabs that, by default, link to the root sections of the questionnaire.

The ORS allows other sections to also be added to the navigation menu. Sections in a level higher than the ‘section maximum tab display level’ cannot be added to the navigation menu.

Questionnaire delegation feature enabled. If this option is not selected, respondents will not be able to delegate this questionnaire.

Display translator for text type answers. This option enables or disables the automatic answer translator for the questionnaire. This translator allows any text answer to be automatically translated into English.

Documents attached to answers are private. This option allows only authorized users of the ORS to access documents that have been attached to answers.

Name of the help pages. This option allows a page under the help pages of the ORS to be linked to a questionnaire.

How to create a questionnaire

1. To add a questionnaire click on the ‘Add Questionnaire’ link on the administration dashboard main menu;

2. Fill in the basic information of the questionnaire, including selecting the questionnaire languages. Note: To add multiple languages, don’t forget to click on ‘Add extra languages to the questionnaire’ and select the required languages via the available check boxes.

Fill in the extra information of the questionnaire;

Click on ‘Add Questionnaire’.

How to edit a questionnaire

Click on ‘Manage Questionnaires’ from the Administration Dashboard;

Find the questionnaire on the table of questionnaires (you can move to the next page by using the small arrows on the bottom left-hand side, otherwise you can increase the number of questionnaires displayed per page);

Click on the title of the questionnaire. This will take you to the questionnaire dashboard;

Hover your mouse over the context menu’s left-hand option ‘Manage Questionnaire’ and click on ‘Edit’;

From the edit page you can see the questionnaire structure on the right and the questionnaire information on the left. To edit this information, click on the ‘Edit Introduction’ link.

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