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Access to ORS

Access to the ORS is restricted to registered users.

Users can either register themselves via the sign up page, or an administrator of the system can add them.

How to register

  1. In your web browser, visit the URL of the relevant version of ORS you wish to access.
  2. Click on the link to go to the sign up page.
  3. You will be automatically logged into the system and will receive an email confirming the creation of your user account.
    Administrators of the system will also be notified of your registration. They will then be able to add you to their questionnaires.
  4. Fill in your details and click on the sign up button

How to add users

  1. Click on the ‘Manage Users’ link from the administration dashboard main menu;
  2. Click on ‘Add user’ or ‘Add list of users’ links on the left hand-side just above the table with the existing users;
  3. If clicked on ‘Add user’:
    • Fill in the details of the user in the dialog box, including the user roles
    • Click on the ‘Register’ button, the user will be added and you will be returned to the ‘Manage Users’ page.
      Note: if any errors occur while adding a user you will be brought back to the user form with information about the errors
  4. If clicked on ‘Add list of users’:
    • Prepare file with the information of the users to be added as per instructions in the page
    • Select file to upload
    • Click on the ‘Upload’ button.
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