Confirmation and Submission

The last part of the questionnaire is the CONFIRMATION page. It ensures that the information provided in the Report has been verified. If there are any mandatory questions left unanswered, the red triangle will show up. Please then return to the questionnaire and make sure all mandatory questions with the red asterisk are filled.

If all the questions are appropriately answered you should be able to finish the confirmation and verification procedure and can then go on to approve the submission of the National Report. As soon as you have verified, the following message will appear:

By returning to the Main Menu now you should be able to see that your questionnaire was successfully submitted. It will read “Submitted” in the Status row.

Once a report has been submitted, you can generate both a short and a full version of the report in PDF Format. The short version only displays questions for which answers were provided, while the long version displays all questions (with and without answers) in the questionnaire. Before being able to download the questionnaire in PDF format it will have to be generated. To do so you should click on ‘GENERATE’. The generation of the PDF takes place as a background process and takes 5-10 minutes. Once the generation process is finished you will be notified by email.

After the PDF has been generated, you will be able to download it from the submission dashboard by clicking in on the PDF icon.

The file can be re-generated to include your most recent changes, by clicking on the ‘REGENERATE’ link. The date displayed by the PDF icon refers to the last time the file was generated. Regeneration of a PDF will erase the previously generated file.

You also have the possibility of REVERTING THE SUBMISSION. After clicking on the ‘Revert submission’ option you will be navigated to the contact form, where you can request the reversion of your submitted national report; this message is forwarded to the administrator, where your report can be reverted and subsequently re-activated.

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  • 08-Dec-2015