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Duplicating Existing Questionnaires

The ORS provides a feature to duplicate existing questionnaires.

This can be very useful in the case of annual/biennial/triennial questionnaires where the questionnaire format does not change much from year to year. After the duplicate questionnaire has been created, changes to its structure can be made as to any other questionnaire.

One option available when duplicating a questionnaire is to also copy the responses of the questionnaire’s respondents, so that each respondent would only have to amend their previous responses rather than starting from scratch.

How to duplicate a questionnaire

  1. From the administration dashboard click on the ‘Duplicate Questionnaire’ link from the main menu.
  2. Select the questionnaire that you wish to duplicate.
  3. Select if you wish to copy the answers over to the new questionnaire.
  4. Click on the ‘Duplicate’ button.
  5. The questionnaire duplication will occur in the background and an email will be sent to you when it has been finished.