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Exporting Data

The ORS provides two different formats in which to extract respondents’ responses.

PDF export

For each respondent a PDF can be generated as either a long and short PDF.

The long PDF includes all the questions in the questionnaire regardless of whether the respondent has provided an answer.

The short PDF contains only those questions the respondent has answered.

CSV export

The other available format is a CSV file. In this output, all of the respondents’ answers to all questions are included in the same file.

It is also possible to generate a CSV file for a specific section of the questionnaire, reducing the size and the time taken to generate the file.

How to generate a CSV file of the whole questionnaire

  1. Visit the ‘Manage Questionnaires’ page;
Find your questionnaire; 

  3. Click on ‘Generate’ on the corresponding line under the ‘CSV’ column;
  4. • Once the file is generated you will receive an email from the ORS to inform you;
    • You can then come back to the ‘Manage Questionnaires’ page and download the CSV file by clicking on ‘Get file’ under the CSV column.

How to generate a CSV file of a section 

  1. Visit a questionnaire’s edit page.
Navigate to the desired section via the questionnaire tree structure.
  3. Click on the link ‘Generate CSV’ (or ‘Regenerate CSV’ if it has been
    generated previously).
  4. Once the file finishes generating you will receive an email from the ORS to
    inform you.
  5. You can then come back to the section and download the file by clicking on ‘CSV (date of creation)’.
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