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Questionnaire Structure

In the ORS a questionnaire is composed of sections and questions.

Sections can be seen as the building blocks of the questionnaire structure, and can contain any number of questions or other sections.

In the system the questionnaire structure is represented in the same way as a tree of folders and files, with the questionnaire information serving as the root of the tree, sections being represented as folders and questions as files.

How to navigate the questionnaire structure

  1. From the questionnaire edit page you can navigate between elements of the  questionnaire by clicking on their icon in the tree structure on the rightV hand side (the root folder represents the questionnaire basic information  and configuration, the other folders represent sections and files represent  questions);
  2. Above the main administration menu there’s also a breadcrumbs like  element that represents the path to the current selected element in the  questionnaire tree. You can navigate to the ancestor elements by clicking on  their title in this element.

Structure Ordering

When adding new sections and questions to a questionnaire these will be displayed in the order in which they were created.

To ensure the integrity of the questionnaire structure the following rules apply:

  • The root node cannot be moved, as it represents the questionnaire and not an actual section
  • All objects can be reordered with their siblings
  • Questions must be contained within sections and therefore cannot be 
moved to the root of the tree
  • Questions with loop item types or extra information regarding loop 
items associated with them cannot be moved to another section
  • Sections cannot be moved if they are of looping type
  • Sections cannot be moved if they have extra information regarding loop 
items associated with them
  • Sections cannot be moved inside their own sub–sections
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