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Responses Summary

This page shows the list of the respondents which have been authorized to access a given questionnaire as well as the current status of their questionnaire.

From this page the administrator can email all the respondents of the questionnaire to provide them with any relevant information.

If a respondent has already submitted a questionnaire but has requested that its submission be reverted (this option is available to respondents on the questionnaire submission page), the administrator will be able to revert the submission from this page.

How to access the Summary page  

Visit the questionnaire dashboard page, select ‘Summary’ right of the ‘Respondents’ item in the dashboard.  

How to email a group of respondents

  1. Visit the summary page

  2. Select the users that you wish to email

  3. Click on the ‘Send message to selected users’ link;  
  4. Fill in the email details
  5. Click on ‘Send message’.  
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