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Dependent Sections

A section may be created to contain questions that should only be displayed if one or more specific values of a multiple option question are selected, or not selected, by the respondent.

For example, if a user answers ‘yes’ to a given multiple option question, a further question such as ‘Please provide further details’ is then displayed. This is achieved by defining a section dependency conditions.

Any section can be made dependent but there are some constraints that need to be taken into consideration:

  • A section cannot depend on its own or its descendants’ questions
  • A section can only depend on looping sections’ questions, if the looping section is an ancestor of the dependent section
  • A section can only depend on Multi Answer questions.

How to define a dependent section

  1. Go to the questionnaire edit page
  2. Select the section that depends on another answer from the questionnaire tree structure
  3. Hover over the black sub menu’s item ‘Manage Section’ and then click on the ‘Define dependency’ menu item
  4. Fill in the dependency details, by selecting the section, question, option, and if the option should be selected or not
  5. Click on ‘Set Dependency’.
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  • 07-Dec-2015