The ORS functions are organized into two main dashboards: the ‘submission dashboard’ and the ‘administration dashboard’.

Through the ‘submission dashboard’ the respondents can access their ‘delegates dashboard’, while an administrator can access a questionnaire’s ‘questionnaire dashboard’ from the ‘administration dashboard’.

The Administration Dashboard
The administration dashboard is only accessible to users with the administrator role.

Administrators can access all the questionnaire and user management features from this dashboard.

These features are available from one of two menus present in the dashboard, which are visible in the above figure.

The top dark blue menu is the ‘main menu’, and does not change from page to page. This menu allows a user to go back to the dashboard, add a new questionnaire, duplicate a questionnaire, go to the list of questionnaires (manage questionnaires link), go to the list of users (manage users link), and in the future to the analysis page (this link is currently disabled).

The menu with black background that sits on the rightVhand side is the ‘context menu’. This menu provides link to pages relevant to the page being viewed. For instance when on a questionnaire dashboard the menu will display options relevant to the management of the questionnaire; when on a section page it will display options relevant to the section. By hovering the mouse over the options on the ‘context
menu’, further details about it will be displayed. The ‘context’ menu is available in both the ‘administration dashboard’ and the ‘submission dashboard’.

The Submission Dashboard

The submission dashboard is where respondents and delegates can access the questionnaires that they have been authorized to answer, and view and edit their user profiles. From this dashboard, respondents can also generate and download a PDF version of a questionnaire, as well as manage their delegates.

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  • 23-Nov-2015