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The ORS is capable of supporting multiple languages.

Currently the home page and submission dashboard are available in the three UN languages: English, French, and Spanish.

The default language of the system is English, however each user may change the default language associated with their profile.

Questionnaires created in the ORS can have one or more of the six UN languages associated with them, with the text in any of the chosen languages being provided by the creators of the questionnaires.

Managing Languages page

From this page the administrator can change the questionnaire’s available languages, including the default language.

If a language is removed from the questionnaire all data that has previously been input in questionnaires displayed in that language will be lost.

How to access the manage languages page?

Visit the questionnaire dashboard page. Hover over the context menu’s ‘Manage Questionnaire’ option, hover over ‘Manage’ and select ‘Languages’ from the menu.

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  • 09-Aug-2016