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How to add a section

  1. To add a section go to the questionnaire edit page and click on ‘Add section’ on the list of options just above the selected element details on the left hand-side of the main content area.

    Note: If the selected element is a section, you should click on ‘Add sub section’ if you wish to add the new section as a child of the selected section
  2. Fill in the details of the section, including choosing the section type;
    1. If adding a ‘Same Answer Type’ section:

    • Choose the ‘Answer Type’ and fill in details (details about the different answer types can be found below).

If adding a ‘Looping’ section.

  • Select loop source;
    Select the loop item type that should be associated with the new section.

Note: Once a loop item type is selected a tag is added to the title of the section to represent it. This tag has the form of #[LoopItemTypeName]. In the submission page of the questionnaire this tag will be replaced with each of the available items of the selected type. The tag can be removed by ticking the relevant option.

If the new section being added is a descendant of a looping section that uses the same loop source, the loop item type selected has to be a descendant of the ancestor’s selected item type. The available item types are displayed in blue, unavailable types are displayed in red.

Click on the 'create' button to add the new section

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